How To Start Car With Bad Ignition Switch

A bad ignition switch can be a driver’s nightmare, leaving you stranded and frustrated. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the symptoms of a bad ignition switch, various ways to bypass the issue, and some methods to fix it. We’ll also discuss the sounds indicative of a failing switch and offer specialized advice for specific car models like Chevy.

Symptoms of a Bad Ignition Switch

Intermittent Power Loss: One minute everything’s working fine, and the next, you lose power. This is often a sign of a faulty ignition switch.

Stalling: If your car stalls while driving, especially during deceleration or at idle, this could be due to a failing ignition switch.

Starting Issues: Your car struggles to start, or won’t start at all.

Electrical Components Not Working: Dashboard lights, radio, or power windows not functioning could indicate a bad ignition switch.

Quick Tips:

  • Check if the key turns smoothly in the ignition.
  • Test electrical components like headlights and radio.

Bypass Ignition Switch With Push Button

If you find yourself in a bind and need a quick fix, bypassing the ignition switch with a push-button can be a temporary solution.

  1. Locate Ignition Wires: Usually found under the steering column.
  2. Identify Wires: Look for the battery, starter, and ignition wires.
  3. Connect Wires: Twist the ignition and battery wires together.
  4. Install Push Button: Connect the other end of the ignition and battery wires to a push button.
  5. Start the Car: Press the push button to send power to the starter, which should start the car.

Note: This method should only be used temporarily and only in emergency situations. Consult your mechanic for a permanent fix.

How to Fix a Bad Ignition Switch

Fixing a bad ignition switch usually involves replacing it. However, you can try some temporary measures.

  • Jiggle the Key: Sometimes, the contacts inside the switch are misaligned.
  • Use a Non-Abrasive Cleaner: A cleaner can sometimes remove dirt or grime, allowing the key to turn.
  • Replacement: In most cases, replacing the ignition switch is the only permanent fix.

Tools You Will Need:

ScrewdriverTo remove screws and panels
PliersFor gripping and pulling wires
New SwitchReplacement for the faulty one

Bad Ignition Switch Sound

A grinding or whining noise often indicates a failing ignition switch. These sounds are due to the starter motor not disengaging from the flywheel correctly. If you hear these noises, it’s likely that your ignition switch is on its way out.

How to Start Car with Bad Ignition Switch Without Key

  1. Locate Starter Solenoid: It’s near the battery.
  2. Find Ignition Terminal: On the solenoid, there should be a smaller ignition terminal.
  3. Jump-Start: Use a screwdriver to connect the larger battery terminal to the smaller ignition terminal. This will bypass the ignition switch and start the car.

How to Start a Car with a Bad Ignition Switch Chevy

For Chevy cars, the method remains largely the same as the general method but pay attention to model-specific wires and modules.

  1. Locate Ignition Wires: These are usually color-coded.
  2. Identify Relevant Modules: Chevy cars may have an extra security module.
  3. Bypass as Normal: Use the aforementioned bypass methods.

How to Bypass Ignition Switch Without Key

  1. Find Ignition Wires: Typically, a red wire for the battery, a yellow or green one for the starter, and a black one for the ignition.
  2. Connect Battery and Starter Wires: Twist them together or connect using a wire nut.
  3. Touch to Ignition Wire: Briefly touch the connected wires to the ignition wire to start the car.

How to Start a Car with a Bad Ignition Coil

A bad ignition coil makes it difficult to start the car, but it’s a different issue from a bad ignition switch.

  1. Test Ignition Coil: Use a multimeter.
  2. Replace if Needed: It’s often better to replace a faulty coil.
  3. Start as Normal: With the new coil, your car should start normally.

External Link: For a more detailed understanding of ignition coils, you can visit this resource.

In summary, a bad ignition switch can lead to a range of issues from stalling to complete failure to start. Knowing how to temporarily fix or bypass the problem can be a lifesaver, especially if you find yourself stranded. However, these are temporary solutions, and you should seek professional help for a permanent fix.

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